What to Do if Your Dog Bites Someone

Dog bites and attacks can be extremely common. Unfortunately around 800,000 dog bite victims yearly that require some kind of medical attention while a lot of other dog bites actually go untreated. What most of the people don’t know, is approximately 12 people die each year just from severe dog bite injuries. So if you’re an dog owner it is crucial that you know exactly what to do in case your dog bites someone or if you happen to be bitten by somebody else’s dog.

What to Do if Your Dog Bites Someone

Regardless to whether or not a pet dog bite may be explained (for instance: someone stepped on your own dog’s tail), it is vital that you take responsibility of your respective dog’s actions. These next few steps can assist you:

‘ Immediately take hold and restrain your canine. Make certain to separate it from which the scene with the attack happened. Confine your pet right away.

‘ Be bound to check on the victim’s condition immediately. Cleanse the wounds with water and soap. Professional medical assistance should be sought to guage the bite wounds since unseen damage, complications, infections and in many cases rabies may occur.

‘ Information just like your name, address and your pet dog’s newest rabies vaccination really should be provided. The dog ought to be quarantined whether or not this does not have a present rabies vaccination. It can be done that the person bitten should complete a treatment called post-exposure prophylaxis.

‘ Stay within compliance of local ordinances on the subject of reporting dog bites.

‘ Meet with the veterinarian for almost any advice that will let you with your puppy’s behavior that can help prevent any similar problems from happening down the road.

What to Do if You are Bitten

‘ If it’s your own dog has bitten you, be bound to confine it as quickly as possible and make certain to contact your veterinarian to verify your pet’s vaccination records. They may also inspect your pet dog’s health insurance provide you with advice that can help you with preventative training.

‘ If another dog that doesn’t belong to you has bitten you, immediately seek hospital treatment for your wounds.

The the next thing you should do is contact local authorities to report all you could can about your pet. This information will include: the owner’s name once you know it; color and dimensions of dog; the place that the incident occurred; and in which you might have seen it before. These details make it easier for animal-control officers to seek out the offending dog.


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